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K-CUPS Bargains

Let’s face it, k-cups are a commodity.  There’s no one blend or flavor that’s really much better than the others.  By the time you add sugar and cream, can you even tell one from the next?

The important thing to look for here is price per k-cup.  Retailers will try to confuse things with different package counts, but you can cut through this tricky distraction by looking at the unit price.

You could easily pay way too much without even realizing it!  Some cups are over 50 cents each, and some as high as a dollar each.  That’s insanity!

The best deals come in at 26 cents per k-cup and under.  They are few and far between, but not to worry, using countless hours of research we’ve compiled for you links to those deals.

Remember, these deals don’t last long, so you’ll want to double-check the pricing on Amazon before buying anything.  It’s common for retailers to run quick sales, then hike the prices back up once they start to see a lot of interest.


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