Evidently artificial intelligence can now create art. I personally can't even draw stick people, however was able to generate some interesting pictures using AI software.

Behold, this is an AI-generated image of Putin, in the style of a Ukrainian Bayraktar blowing up a fuel train from Belarus. It looks a little derivative to me. Please email your thoughts.


This next one was built by AI on the phrase "Putin storm of blood and fire".  There was no reference image or artist given to the AI.  Literally, just the phrase.  I love the way the machine blended the bottom of the Russian flag into the red sea of fire & blood (or whatever the computer thinks it is - I assume it's not Strawberry Kool-Aid).  It was also bright enough to include what looks like the Kremlin in the background.


Type a phrase below (anything, like "Redneck Star Wars" or "cat smoking a pipe") and I'll run it through an AI art generator.  If it looks entertaining it'll by posted here in 24 hours.

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