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How to select a book?

Let’s face it, books are a commodity.  There’s no one story or author that’s really much better than the others.  By the time you filter the words on the page through those in your head, can you even tell one from the next?

The important thing to look for here is the cost.  Retailers will try to confuse things with different packaging, pretty colors, and reviews from so-called 'experts', but you can cut through these tricky distractions by looking at the price per page.

You could easily pay way too much without even realizing it!  Some books are over 3 cents per page, and some as high as 10 cents per page.  That’s insanity!

The best deals come in at 2 cents per page and under.  They are few and far between, but not to worry, using countless hours of research we’ve compiled for you links to those deals.

Remember, these deals don’t last long, so you’ll want to double-check the pricing on Amazon before buying anything.  It’s common for retailers to run quick sales, then hike the prices back up once they start to see a lot of interest.


Anna Karenina

OMG.  848 pages for as little as .8 cents per page.  This is a killer deal if I've ever seen one.

Konstantin Levin's trip to the peasant farm will only cost you $1.60!

And frankly, if you wanted to ditch this Goliath when Anna jumps in front of the train, your rate will _still_ be under 1 cent per page.

Atlas Shrugged

Now this one is truly an amazing bargain.  1192 pages for less than twenty dollars.

You can enjoy John Galt's entire speech for a mere ninety-six pennies.  Dagny's trip to Atlantis can be had for less than forty cents.  At these prices, even a Bolshevik could endorse this tome.

Don Quixote

This one rolls in at a fraction over $.01 per page.  I say 'rolls' because Don evidently named his horse after John Steinbeck's camper truck.

Just imagine the influence great books like East of Eden and The Fountainhead had on Miguel de Cervantes.  All of this culture for less than a box of strawberry Skyr.

banned books

Want to read something the government doesn't want you to?  You can always file a freedom of information request for something like "psychological warfare tactics".  Having done this myself, I can tell you the reading is a bit dry.  Instead, here's some better ideas.  These are recent, so you're not going to find classics like Catch-22 or 1984 in here.