How bad is it to get something that you don't want?  Worse is getting a whole bunch of things that you don't want!  What can you do with k-cups that you don't like?  The icky ones?  Some people will rip open brand new k-cups and throw them into the trash so that their trash smells pretty.  But maybe you don't have enough trash for this.  Or maybe you don't like buying new things to just to throw them into the trash.  Possibly you have what scientists call a 'fear of commitment'.  Not to worry, yet again your friends at Golden Six have a solution for you!

Instead of buying a whole lotta the same thing, here's some awesome excellent vendors that sell samplers.  Are these samplers?  Or would we call them flights of k-cups?  Either way, you could do a lot worse with your life than getting some of these.

These incredible variety packs have NO DUPLICATES!  Make each trip to your single serve coffee maker a unique experience!  Variety is the spice of life.